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Brabus Merc AMG – buy it before we do!

Every now and then, a car passes through our businesses that just makes us go a little bit weak at the knees. This is one such occasion:…

UK used car sales market offering unbeatable value

The UK used-car market is one of the most thriving of its kind in the world. We really are spoiled for choice and value –…

Car sales continue to soar – latest figures

Car sales are continuing to soar in the UK as latest figures show the 38th consecutive monthly rise in new car registrations in April 2015. Figures…

#Lovedriving with – Kirkstone Pass

We switch our attention to the Lake District for the latest edition of #lovedriving with, and the fantastic Kirkstone Pass. This is another tight…

"Just had the pleasure of dealing with Chris and Jasper - great guys. They came and had a look at my Audi Q7, recieved my asking price then the money was in my bank account within two hours! So easy to deal with - highly recommend!"

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