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Save £390,000 with WeBuyCarsforMore (sort of)

To celebrate the two-millionth Defender rolling off its Midlands production line, Land Rover has created a one-off limited edition, which it recently sold at auction…

Petrol is £1 a litre! Celebrate with WBCFM

Nothing gets us in the Christmas spirit at We Buy Cars for More quite like the news that petrol prices have plummeted. As supermarkets start…

Every cloud has a silver Skylining

We blogged recently about a car we have in stock that sent our teenage selves into something of a frenzy. The 1990s Mitsubishi GTO was…

Land Rover: a great British brand for the worst British weather

Britain never quite gets weather as extreme as many other places in the world – but it still has the capacity to grind daily life…

"Just had the pleasure of dealing with Chris and Jasper - great guys. They came and had a look at my Audi Q7, recieved my asking price then the money was in my bank account within two hours! So easy to deal with - highly recommend!"

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