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Four wheel drive cars for when autumn hits

The schools are back and the weather’s closing in. It’ll soon be time for the clocks to go back, at which point autumn has well and…

Fancy a £160k car for £15k? Head to

OK, cards on the table, while we have plenty incredible bargains in stock, even we can’t quite sell you a £160,000 car for £145k less than the…

Land Rover Defender: the ultimate go-anywhere car?

Readers of a certain age will remember a mid-90s Microsoft advertising slogan that asked ‘where do you want to go today?’, the implication being that using…

Pocket Rocket: bargain BMW M135i in stock now

We have recently spent time on this blog looking at the finest German cars we had in stock – and then we looked at the…

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Vicky Wharton - Audi A4

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