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Brabus Merc AMG – buy it before we do!

Every now and then, a car passes through our businesses that just makes us go a little bit weak at the knees. This is one such occasion: ever since this Mercedes CLS55 arrived with us, we’ve all been finding our eyes linger on it slightly longer than we’d really care to admit…

merc amg brabus

No CLS55 is ‘ordinary’, but this one is definitely extra-special. Not only does it have that all-important AMG badge, but this one has been modified further by Brabus, the tuning house that specialises in taking performance Mercedes and making them even more extreme.

That means savage acceleration – 0-60 in comfortably under five seconds and a screaming V8 engine with enough shove to plant you into your seat and keep a huge grin on your face. Plus, it comes with pretty much every extra that could be conceived in 2006. TV, DVD, heated and cooled seats, full leather, sports exhaust…

It also has black alloys to complete the ‘stealth bomber’ look. Full details are here: can you give this absolute beast the home it deserves?

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"The easiest way I have ever sold my car. They paid me £400 more than the main dealer and the process was seamless. Well done to the team and thank you very much."

Mark Suiter - Saab 93

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