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Four-wheel-drive autumn special

It’s that time of year when the ‘wrong kind of leaves’ fall on train tracks all over Britain, causing transport chaos for commuters everywhere.

It’s not just the trains that suffer: Britain’s climate does create notoriously greasy conditions on the roads between the months of October and March.

The rise of the 4wd car has been huge over the past decade. Once mainly the preserve of off-roaders and Audis with the Quattro system fitted, more and more manufacturers are adding 4wd options to their range. For years, BMW only made rear-wheel-drive cars, but its xDrive option has proven very popular.

The main reason for this is that consumers are increasingly demanding the solid, sure-footed handling and safety-first approach that 4×4 cars tend to deliver.

Luckily, at WeBuyCarsforMore, we have a huge range of four-wheel-drive cars on sale. We’ve picked some out here, but you can check out our full showroom range by following this link.

Here are a few of our selected four-wheel-drive cars available right now:

Audi A8 – the luxury saloon:


Range Rover Sport – the ultimate 4×4?


Land Rover Defender – the go-anywhere machine:


VW Touareg – the family 4×4


Great Wall Steed – the beast!


Jeep Grand Cherokee – the all-American classic


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