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Political manifestos: what do they mean for motorists?

It’s the General Election next week, (7th May 2015) and transport is, as ever, somewhere near the top of every major party’s political manifestos.

In most cases, it’s rail travel that gets the majority of the attention – which of course is great news for motorists as anything that reduces the burden on our roads is to be welcomed. But there are some nods to the motorist, too, which are worth looking out for.

So what else do the main parties say about transport? Check out’s handy manifesto guide below.

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Party transport political manifestos:


  • Deliver the biggest programme of investment in roads since the 1970s
  • Deliver the biggest investment in railways since the Victorians, including 850 miles of electrified railways
  • Reform strike laws, including on the transport network
  • Start work on High Speed 2 rail lines and continue development for a “HS3” Leeds-Manchester link


  • Allow a public sector rail operator to bid for and take on new lines
  • Freeze rail fares next year and cap rises after that
  • Support HS2, but keep costs down
  • Give cities and regions London-style powers to regulate bus services

Lib Dems:

  • Give 16-21 year olds two thirds off all bus travel
  • Oppose expansion of Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick, or a new airport in the Thames Estuary
  • Electrify all suburban and major rail routes, reopening many stations
  • Support light rail schemes in urban areas


  • Scrap plans for a new High Speed 2 rail line
  • Oppose toll roads
  • Require foreign vehicle to purchase a “Britdisc” before entry to the UK
  • Ensure speed cameras are not used for profit by councils


  • Renationalise the rail system
  • Introduce an immediate cut of 10% to public transport fares
  • Scrap High Speed 2 rail project
  • Promote cycling and walking to reduce pollution and improve people’s health

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