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And now for something completely different: VW Camper

We can appreciate four-wheeled transport in all its forms at webuycarsformore. Every car has its plus sides, every car has an owner for whom it is absolutely perfect.

With that disclaimer out the way, we can understand if this week’s choice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to our eyes, this VW Camper (actually a 2007 Danbury Diamond) is absolutely magnificent.

To illustrate the point, if this beautiful BMW M135i is your dream car (and, for many, it will be) then there’s a good chance you won’t want to go anywhere near a Camper.

However, if you’re looking for slightly different motoring thrills, then this could be right up your street.

VW Campers have, especially over the last couple of decades, ascended to true cult status. Values have gone up, and are going to stay there, as long as the vehicles are maintained properly. This is a true long-term investment with no depreciation.

They won’t get you anywhere quickly and the steering will be a culture shock to anyone who’s only ever used power steering. However, speed and cornering have nothing to do with the Campervan experience – it’s all about freedom, relaxed holiday

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