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We are a revolutionary car buying website, with the most straightforward 3-step process on the market to getting a free valuation on your vehicle. No hassle, no fuss – just enter your vehicle details in 3 easy steps and you’ll get an instant on-the-spot online valuation! Sell your car in the North East today with WEBUYCARSFORMORE. Please note we will also buy used cars from other cities in the UK.

Does the condition of my car matter?

Only to the price we will offer you – we will happily buy a car of any condition.

Do you still buy if I have outstanding finance on my vehicle?

Yes, we will pay your finance company directly and arrange for any remaining balance to be transferred back to you.

Do you buy vans, caravans or motorbikes?

Yes, we buy all vehicles. Sell your van, car or motorbike fast and easy with WEBUYCARSFORMORE today!

Can the online valuation change?

Yes. If our on-site inspection reveals any major cosmetic or functional damage that reduces the value of the car, or find any unusual features or notable customisations, we may consider changing our offer.

Offers are valid for 48 hours, after which they will be withdrawn. We reserve the right to withdraw our offer at any time, for any reason.

Once I press the ‘Sell Now’ button, can I change my mind?

Of course – you are under no obligation to sell your vehicle to us if you do not want to, at any stage of the valuation process.

How do you calculate the valuation of my car?

The valuation of your car is calculated from monthly market values gathered from the registration and mileage of your vehicle on trade databases. More specific prices are achieved once we carry out an on-site inspection of your car for any cosmetic or functional defects that may affect the value. Get your free car valuation from WEBUYCARSFORMORE right now!

I received a valuation recently, is the same price still valid?

Unfortunately not – used car prices change on an almost daily basis, so in order to get an up-to-date and fair valuation of your car, we advise that you get a new valuation.

Will you collect my vehicle?

Yes, subject to your location. If you are looking to sell your vehicle in Newcastle, Ashington or anywhere else in the North East, we can arrange to collect your vehicle from a convenient location.

What documentation and items do I need to provide?

We need to be sure that the person selling us the car is the owner, so we require the following documentation:

What if I don’t have a V5 registration document?

We will not purchase any vehicle without the V5 registration document.

What if the V5 is not in my name?

Because the V5 shows the details of the registered owner of the vehicle, we will only purchase your vehicle if it has your name on the V5. This helps prevent fraud or any other unlawful practices.