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Best of British cars with webuycarsformore.com

Our recent focus on the Jaguar XKR has got us thinking about British cars, and we wanted to celebrate some of the amazing British-built vehicles we have in stock at the moment.

British car manufacturing has come a long way since the dark days of British Leyland. Gone are the days over over-unionised factories in Birmingham churning out – for want of a better word – absolute rubbish. Usually in one of a number of shades of brown.

There have been dark days since then, too – the demise of MG and Rover, the ongoing financial struggles of sports car brands Lotus and TVR, and Peugeot’s devastating withdrawal from Coventry all stand out as particular lows.

But now we’re back! Leading the charge is, of course, Jaguar Land Rover, currently putting out stunning models across its entire range, and proving British automotive design and manufacturing can still inspire across the globe.

Vauxhall and Ford are still selling well and going strong – the latter in particular finding its mojo again with the new Fiesta, which has been sweeping the board in group tests, and setting the pace with its astonishing 900cc, three-cylinder turbo Ecoboost engine which has won awards all over the world for its power, efficiency and .

Of course, there is a fair amount of overseas influence in our manufacturing these days – there’s the massively successful Nissan plant in Sunderland, the Honda factory in Swindon, and the BMW-owned Mini factory in Oxfordshire.

Just to show how far we’ve come, it was even confirmed recently that the Honda Civic Type R would be exported from Britain to Japan. After a few decades of Japanese car imports hitting our shores, it’s refreshing to see the vehicles travelling on boats in the other direction.

We have several British-built cars in stock at WeBuyCarsforMore at the moment, and we have hand-picked a few for your here – from luxury 4x4s to hot hatches to exec motorway cruisers, us Brits can do the lot! Note, we’ve stuck to marques that are traditionally British, so this great value Nissan Juke has not made the list, despite having a fairly strong Sunderland accent.

Range Rover Vogue Ltd Edition

This one isn’t especially subtle, but is a fantastic motor if you want to be noticed. The classic Range Rover Vogue offers loads of luxury without sacrificing any of its off-road ability (though maybe consider some smaller alloys and wider tyre sidewalls if you want to do any serious cross-country driving).

The 3.0TDV6 engine has enough torque to pull a small planet and the beautiful red leather interior makes the cabin a special place to be.

Ford Focus ST3

Again, not such a subtle choice, but the Focus ST is such a well-rounded hot hatch it’s impossible to leave it off the list -just as it’s impossible not to notice it in that vivid orange colour scheme. We think it wears it well, though! This model comes in the top-of-the-range ST3 package, meaning it has every factory extra, and has tasteful black alloys that set off the orange very nicely. The five-cylinder 2.5 litre turbo engine is fast and characterful. A great chance to get into one of the best hot hatches of the past 15 years for less than £10k.

Mini Convertible

Ignore the fact the brand is now built by the Germans (and that the new Mini absolutely dwarfs its ancestor) – this is still a brilliant British brand and it’s built right here, too. The BMW heritage just means you know it’s chunky and well-built. The 1.6 engine found its way into every Mini for about 12 years, in different levels of tune, and it’s a fantastic powerplant, providing enough go to get around town, and will sit quite happily at motorway speeds too.

This Mini One convertible comes with a great soft-top, ideal for summer, and low mileage for its age. It’s an absolute bargain at less than £6k, so why not find out why the mini has taken the motoring world by storm?

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