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Buying convertible cars: roof-down season is (nearly) here again!

Every year, Spring arrives, the clocks go forward, and our minds move to roof-down motoring. We might not always get the weather in the North East to support convertible cars, but when we do (ie not raining and any temperature over 10 degrees) it’s hard not to be jealous of people who get to feel the wind in their hair as they drive.

We have a fantastic selection of convertible cars in stock at the moment, to suit all tastes and budgets, so there really is no excuse not to get your top down this summer.

Starting with the most affordable, with no further ado:

Mini Cooper Convertible

This stunning Mini Cooper Convertible has low mileage for its age and has kept its crisp good looks: this model wears the silver paint especially well. It goes well and handles brilliantly, as you’d expect from one of the leaders in the small hatchback class.

For less than £7,000, we can guarantee you’ll have as much fun in this car as in pretty much any other on the road today.

Honda S2000

We are real suckers for the S2000 at WeBuyCarsforMore. They have a real cult following, for a number of very good reasons.

The two-litre VTEC engine is an epic unit, and comes from a time before every engine had a turbo attached. This means it revs very happily up to 8,000rpm, creating an amazing noise as it does so. The engine also has a more civilised side, and lets the owner drive gently around town, too. The S2000 also had a starring role in the original The Fast and the Furious movie.

Our S2000 is one of the last models to leave the factory, so it comes with all the modifications and improvements that Honda made throughout the car’s life. (Pre-2003 models, for example, came with a cloth rear windscreen that steamed up and would never clear. This one is proper glass.)

It has only done 52,000 miles, which is incredibly low: being a Honda, if looked after, this car will be good for many tens of thousands of trouble-free motoring.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Make no mistake: the 911 is an iconic car. Porsche’s refusal to be too adventurous with the design of its most famous car has meant it has been recognisable as one of the best sports cars available for several decades now.

It also comes with a reputation for needing to be handled carefully – the engine is right at the very back of the car, meaning you need to treat it with respect to keep it facing in the right direction.

Our vehicle is more forgiving, though: it comes with four-wheel-drive, which means it’s more sure-footed and, frankly, more flattering to the driver. It is certainly the route to take if you’re new to 911 ownership – and at less than £30k, you can get supercar looks and performance for the price of a new hot hatch. We know which way we’d go!


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