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Charging an electric car in Newcastle: everything you need to know

If you’ve been considering buying an electric car for your next vehicle, you’re in luck. WeBuyCarsForMore has done the research on what it takes to power an electric car in the Newcastle area.

Here’s a quick round up of the key considerations and information about charging an electric car in Newcastle:

Charging and driving range seems to top the list of anxieties people have about purchasing an electric car.

So where can you charge it? Fortunately, Newcastle (and now much of the country) offers plenty of charging points for electric vehicles.

Zap Map provides a list of all the electric car charging points in the UK. The site lists 313 different electric charging points in the Newcastle area as of March 2016.

That isn’t all: the government’s ‘Go Ultra Low’ recently awarded the North East Combined Authority £1.5 million for installation of electric car charging stations.

The plans for new charging points will see each station equipped with between six and eight rapid chargers, which can top up the charge in about twenty minutes, instead of eight hours like it takes for standard chargers.

And with an electric car, you won’t be stranded in the North East: by February 2016, 72% of all motorway stations in the UK were equipped with charging points, many of which are rapid charge.

If you’re still concerned about the range an electric car could go, consider choosing a plug-in hybrid model, which runs on both electric and fuel. There are quite a few hybrid models manufactured by BMW, Mercedes, Honda and others.

To learn about other considerations to take into account when purchasing an electric vehicle, check out thechargingpoint.com’s beginner’s guide to electric cars, which gives a great round-up of all factors you should weigh.

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