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Every cloud has a silver Skylining

We blogged recently about a car we have in stock that sent our teenage selves into something of a frenzy. The 1990s Mitsubishi GTO was a legendary car in the PlayStation game Gran Turismo, and it got us frowning and nodding appreciatively.

Well, it may have just been slightly outshone (depending on your personal taste, of course).

One of the latest arrivals at the WeBuyCarsforMore sales centre is this fantastic Nissan Skyline. To the untrained eye, this looks like a fairly unspectacular Japanese 90s coupe. To those who know, it is anything but.

Let’s address those looks straight away: the Skyline isn’t the most beautiful car in the world. It doesn’t have the dramatic lines of the GTO. However, it does have a quiet elegance to it that nicely disguises the brutal engine underneath the bonnet.

Only the large exhaust, aggressive side skirts and front splitter, and fantastic alloys provide any hint as to what lies beneath.

With the Skyline, it’s all about the engine and the driving experience. That 2.5 litre turbo powerplant had enormous tuning potential, and it became quite difficult to find one that had not been tuned to crazy levels. Its appeal on Gran Turismo were the huge turbos that could be added to your virtual vehicle, helping it deliver power in the region of 800bhp.

This one, however, is clean and totally standard. It has incredibly low mileage for a car of its age, and comes with a packed service history log book. I has four wheel drive and an automatic gearbox, to ensure that power is delivered smoothly through its five-spoke wheels and low-profile tyres.

Head here for full details and you chance to own a fantastic piece of Japanese motoring history.

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