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Fancy a £160k car for £15k? Head to webuycarsformore.com

OK, cards on the table, while we have plenty incredible bargains in stock, even we can’t quite sell you a £160,000 car for £145k less than the screen price.

However, we can get pretty close.

If you follow the motoring news, you’ll have seen that Bentley has been showing off its new SUV, the oddly-named Bentayga, at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

It’s a magnificent, if slightly showy, bit of kit. Billed as the fastest SUV ever built (top speed of 187mph), and subjected to rigorous off-road testing (as if anyone’s ever going to take this anywhere near a dirt track or field.)  It’ll do 0-60 in a supercar-worrying four seconds.

It comes with a £160,000 starting price, rising to £230,000 if you actually want one of the first 500 models out the factory. Rumour has it the Queen’s getting one. Nice to know she’s feeling the pinch of austerity like the rest of us, eh? The high price hasn’t stopped the orders come flying in, though, and apparently the first run of cars are now all accounted for.

Oh, and it has some serious extras – you can take the price past the half-million point very quickly. Here it is, picture courtesy of Reuters.

But can we let you all into a secret? It’s just a posh Porsche Cayenne, or a really posh Audi Q7. Or, to labour the point, it’s a really really posh Volkswagen Touareg. The Bentayga has a huge number of expensive bells and whistles, but is essentially the same as an Audi or VW.

And we have a great example of a Q7 in stock right now.

Ok, the platform isn’t quite the same, and this is a few years old, but the DNA is there. If you want a huge, road-dominating SUV, but can think of better things to spend your £200k on, then head this way.

Audi Q7

The webuycarsformore Audi Q7 has the famous Audi 3.0 TDi V6 engine – delivering a fantastic blend of power and economy. It comes with over £8,000-worth of extras, including climate control, cruise control, parking aids, heated front seats… the list is very long. Click here to check out the full spec.

If you want to trade up, or trade down, to this Q7, make sure you check  out our home page to find out how much you could get for your current car.

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