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Find your perfect long-distance holiday car

Everyone reaches a stage in their life when a two-seater coupé might offer the thrills they’re looking for, but long-distance family holidays to France, and shorter-distance weekend trips to Ikea, demand something with a bit more luggage capacity towards the rear.

Luckily, there’s good news. Estate cars – especially sporty ones – are cool. They have shaken off the mid-90s wardrobe-on-wheels image, and many offer excellent driving dynamics for the person behind the wheel, along with plenty of room for the partner, the kids, the dog and all your gear.

Looking through our current stock, there is one clear winner. This 56-plate BMW 3-series offers all the space and luxury of a modern estate car from a prestige brand, with all the driving capability of a small saloon car.

The 2.0 diesel engine is quick enough for most real-world driving scenarios, and, more importantly in a car like this, offers incredible MPG and range. Lets face it, when you’re driving the length of the country with two fidgeting children, your wife or husband asleep in the passenger seat, and the dog crying to be let out, the last thing you really want to be worrying about is having to fuel up every 200 miles. It even features roof rails so you can easily add a roof box for even more loading space.

Or, if you fancy something a little different, we’d perhaps steer you towards this immaculate Jaguar X-Type. As you’d expect from a Jag, it comes loaded with all the luxuries you’d expect – the full leather interior is still in great condition.

If you’re in the market for something with a bit more room, we can offer you a market-beating trade-in deal on your car. Before you sell your car, head to our home page and fill in our form to get an initial quote.

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