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Four wheel drive cars for when autumn hits

The schools are back and the weather’s closing in. It’ll soon be time for the clocks to go back, at which point autumn has well and truly arrived.

When the rain comes and we even face the prospect of snow (we’ve had a few mild winters so must be due a cold one soon, right?) the natural course of action is to look for a vehicle a little more sure-footed in all conditions – and that means four-wheel drive.

Not everyone wants or needs a full on 4×4 or SUV, though, and we have plenty of vehicles in stock for those of you who want traditional car looks with modern 4×4 practicality.

The go-to brand for four-wheel drive cars is usually Audi. It has an astounding reputation based on great-looking and desirable cars with outstanding build quality, powerful engines and, across many of their models, that all-important four-wheel-drive Quattro system that has helped them conquer Europe. Bear in mind there are vast stretches of the continent that suffer far worse weather than we do in Britain, meaning four-wheel drive is even more important.

Here is just a selection of our selection of four-wheel drive cars to tackle the worst of the British winter weather.

Subaru WRX STi

Top of our list isn’t an Audi after all – it’s from slightly further east. The Subaru WRX STi will never be to everyone’s tastes, but it offers incredible all-weather traction, and astonishing performance.

This example is slightly less ‘obvious’ than the famous rally-replica Subaru Imprezas – if it wasn’t for the big spoiler and that bonnet scoop, this could be a normal family saloon. The more civilised looks means it blends in nicely, offering a rewarding drive as well as plenty of room for the family and the luggage.

There aren’t many more affordable ways to reach 60mph in five seconds in a 62-plate car. Outstanding value, unforgettable performance and, crucially, will grip all day, in any weather.

For more information about the Subaru, click here.

Audi A4 2.0 TDI Quattro S-Line

This car offers all the four wheel drive grip of the Subaru, but in an altogether more economical package. That famous German build quality means this will run and run, and it comes with a huge number of extras for less than £10k.

The deluxe three-zone climate control means no more arguments over how high to set the air con, and the half leather seats and S-Line trim mean you’ll be arriving in comfort and style, no matter the conditions.

Head here for more info on the A4.

Audi R8 4.2 Quattro

We’ve featured this on our blog before, and we’re a little bit in love with it. Of course, Audi’s supercar might not be what you’d picture when you think of a four-wheel-drive car, but these R8s combine breathtaking, kick-you-in-the-back performance, an incredible V8 soundtrack, and, of course, the Quattro system.

Those huge alloys mean it probably won’t get you through any huge snow drifts, but it will deliver sure-footed grip in the worst rain and wind we have in Britain. The R8 has been a runaway success because it can be used in most conditions – even as a daily driver – and unlike some of its rear-wheel-drive rivals, it won’t send you backwards into a hedge if your enthusiasm outweighs your talent on a wet day.

A true supercar for less than £45k that you can take out in the rain? Head this way.

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