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Golf R32: four cylinders good; six better?

The general consensus amongst car manufacturers is that four cylinders has always been enough to power an engine in a small to medium-sized hatchback.

In fact, the general trend nowadays is to find even smaller, three-cylinder turbo engines in a lot of hatchbacks. Ford will even sell you a Mondeo with a three-cylinder engine.

Typically, if you wanted a growling, roaring V6, or a straight six as seen in a lot of BMWs, then you had to go up a class, to at least a small saloon car.

Trust the Germans, then, to decide they could rewrite the rulebook slightly by cramming a 3.2 V6 petrol block into a standard Golf shell.

Though they are far from the only manufacturer to put such an engine in a smaller car, they’ve definitely been one of the most successful.

The R32 is a fantastic machine. It’s an incredibly sweet V6 engine that sounds amazing, and it comes with a tonne of standard kit. It also has the extra practicality of being a five-door car: purists might prefer a three-door, but anyone with friends, or a family, or a dog, or in-laws, knows best. The five-door is where it’s at.

Plus, it sends power to all four wheels, so you’ll never struggle for traction when the weather goes all ‘North East England’ on you.

You can check the full details here, and we really recommend you do – this is a stunning car.

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