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Iconic motoring: MG Midget available at webuycarsformore

The MG Midget is an iconic piece of British engineering – and we have a fantastic example in stock at webuycarsformore.

If it’s a pacey soft-top you’re after, maybe look elsewhere – we have plenty of sportier offerings in stock, such as this BMW Z4.

However, if you’re looking for something a little bit rarer, with more character than you can shake a stick at, then this fantastically-well-cared-for MG Midget could be for you. According to howmanyleft.co.uk, there are now only 1,800 Midgets left on British roads, so the odds of bumping into another one (not literally) is fairly slim.

As the 1979 model, it has the 1.5 litre engine, and many of the modifications that were brought in to help comply with safety requirements in the US market – including the distinctive front bumper. The engine produces 65bhp, and is good for 0-60 in just over 12 seconds – certainly comparable with most standard-spec modern hatchbacks and smaller diesel engines.

As with many cars from the 70s, its design has aged particularly well. The side profile, below, is glorious, showing off its mix of un-fussy curves and, where needed, straight lines. It also gives us a great look at the original MG alloy wheels.

Finally, the interior is in brilliant condition – check out that leather! – and harks back to a simpler (better?) time.

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