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It really is ok to ditch your tax disc

Recent reports suggest that the majority of UK drivers are still driving around with a tax disc stuck to the inside of their windscreen.

As of October 2014, all tax discs were rendered obsolete – whether or not you have paid your tax is stored on a computer and is subjected to checks from strategically-located cameras around the country.

But the majority of drivers are sticking with their small slips of paper that could have cost them anywhere from nothing to several hundreds of pounds.

The four main reasons cited are: not realising the disc was now useless, absent-mindedness, wanting to keep it because people had paid for it, or not wanting to remove the tax disc holder in case it left marks on the glass.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with leaving the disc on – until it runs out, or forever as a reminder of a bygone age, if you want – but in our view, it vastly improves the look of the car if you can get rid of the disc.

If the thought of a sticky, unsightly mark in your windscreen is what’s putting you off, a small amount of nail polish remover on a cloth should help remove any residue.

Scrapping tax discs has made little difference to the used car market – if anything, it’s simplified things slightly. Tax is now a personal thing – if you sell your car, then you will get any unclaimed tax back. If you buy a used car, then it will not come with any tax: that will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Tax discs have been engrained into the psyche of the UK motorist for decades, so it’s easy to understand why some people are clinging onto them, but at webuycarsformore.com, we say get rid and clean up your windscreen!

Still confused about what happens to tax when you trade your car in? Come to webuycarsformore.com for an unbeatable trade-in quote and we’ll talk you through the whole process.

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