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Land Rover Defender: the ultimate go-anywhere car?

Readers of a certain age will remember a mid-90s Microsoft advertising slogan that asked ‘where do you want to go today?’, the implication being that using a Microsoft operating system or software would take you to anywhere you could imagine.

It’s a nice idea, even if totally unrealistic to expect a mid-90s desktop PC to take you anywhere except your office or spare bedroom.

However, while Microsoft were asking people where they wanted to go, and then clearly not taking them, Land Rover were busy putting the focus of this week’s blog onto the market – and we suspect it’d do a far better job of taking you pretty much anywhere you wanted to go.

This 1997 Land Rover Defender has to be one of the ultimate examples of a go-anywhere car. Those giant, ultra-durable, grippy tyres, the raised suspension, the totally cool winch on the front and even the raised air intake, should you need to get through a bit of standing water. It’s like a monster truck for UK roads (and fields, and valleys, and mountains…)

The Defender wasn’t a new idea, of course – 1997 just happens to be the year this one came to market. It has covered 163,000 miles since then, but that’s barely broken in for these famously everlasting vehicles. It had a totally new engine at 86,000 miles, has a new gearbox, and is ready to go for pretty much any adventure you can throw at it.

It’s in fantastic condition, looks absolutely amazing and, frankly, we want one. This one is yours for £8,990. Contact us here for more information – and find out what we could give you for your car by visiting our homepage.

Land Rover Defender 


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