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#LoveDriving with we buy cars for more – the Cat and Fiddle

This edition of #LoveDriving comes with a huge disclaimer and an even bigger safety warning: the Cat and Fiddle road, between Buxton, Derbyshire, and Macclesfield, Cheshire, is one of the most famous – and most notorious – roads in Britain.

It is beloved by drivers and motorcyclists alike for its challenging and sweeping bends, not to mention stunning views across some of the finest parts of the Peak District.

It is, however, considered to be dangerous and is the scene of a significant number of crashes, frequently leading to injuries and fatalities.

Don’t let us put you off it, though – it attracts so many enthusiasts for a reason, and as long as you drive safely, within your limits, and with respect for other road users, it’s a magnificent road that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

A large amount has been spent on road safety initiatives in the area, including cameras, high-friction surfaces, improved barriers, and an increased police presence, all of which is believed to have had a positive impact on the number of serious injuries/fatalities on the Cat and Fiddle.

So, take it steady, enjoy the views, take a picnic… and #lovedriving this amazing piece of tarmac.

Which car to take?

We have a lot of cars in stock that would be ideal for a trip along the Cat and Fiddle, but one leaps out above them all. This BMW M5 is the best version of one of the finest large saloon cars ever made. Perfect handling, perfect balance, amazing power and incredible soundtrack from that screaming engine. Plus, this one comes with remarkably low mileage – it has averaged less than 3,000 miles per year.

In addition, it has a huge boot and plenty of room in the back for the kids. What are you waiting for?! Head to our home page to see what we can give you for your car, and get cracking in one of the best cars Germany has ever produced.

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