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Mitsubishi Shogun: your very own adult Tonka truck

The words ‘Tonka truck’ might not hold the same gravitas they once did, but for men of a certain age, they’ll invoke memories of the toughest toys money could buy.

For younger readers, Tonka was a brand of toy vehicle, marketed as being indestructible. They were certainly very tough – from an age when kids’ toys were made of proper, solid metal instead of brittle plastic.

While they may not hold the same allure for millennial children, born with an iPad in their hands, for many grown men the chance to own your very own ‘Tonka’ truck might prove to be just too tempting.

Which brings us nicely to this week’s featured car, the Mitsubishi Shogun. Not a real Tonka, of course, but very much capable of taking everything you can throw at it.

Plus, for those big kids who’ve grown up and started their own families, with seven seats in total, there’s plenty of room in the back for the kids/dog/luggage, etc.

The looks would be described as ‘rugged’ rather than pretty, but every inch of this Shogun means business. It’s daring you to take it everywhere. Make no mistake, the Mitsubishi Shogun is a proper man’s car.

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