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Save £390,000 with WeBuyCarsforMore (sort of)

To celebrate the two-millionth Defender rolling off its Midlands production line, Land Rover has created a one-off limited edition, which it recently sold at auction to raise money for good causes.

And what was the selling price for this car that would normally have cost around £25,000? £400,000. Four hundred thousand pounds.

OK, it had a few bells and whistles, and a few neat design touches that marked it out as a limited edition, but essentially, it was a standard Land Rover Defender 90, and it looked like this:

It’s believed to have been bought by an overseas buyer, and has almost certainly found its way into a collection where it will never see the side of a hill or even a puddle.

Everyone knows Defenders are for driving – anywhere – which brings us neatly to our featured car for this week. As luck would have it, we have our very own Defender 90 in stock and, being the value-driven folk that we are, ours can be bought for a shade over £391,000 less than the auctioned one you see above.

Here is our Defender in all its glory. As you can see, it’s visually very similar to the special edition, and mechanically nigh-on identical too.

It is achingly cool and makes the limited edition version looks very slightly on the pricey side.

The beauty of it is, you know it’ll go forever. Land Rover has announced that it’s opening special workshops dedicated to helping to refurb and maintain existing Defenders, meaning this purchase will last longer, and depreciate less, than most other cars under £10k that we can think of.

Here is the listing in full – and remember to check out our home page to find out how much we could give you for your old car.

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