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The Fiat 500 Gucci – the ultimate designer accessory?

Ever since the new Mini arrived in 2001, bringing with it a huge list of customisable options, tailoring cars has been bang in fashion.

Other manufacturers have followed – think the Citroen DS3, the Vauxhall Adam, and the Fiat 500. They have a certain target audience in mind, and they have all been hugely successful.

It does sadly mean some owners have run the risk of allowing the future value of their cars to be ruined by their own sense of taste. There have never been more garish colour combinations available, which makes for some interesting second-hand purchases. Nothing will leave a car on the forecourts like a badly chosen colour scheme.

It’s still possible, of course, to have a really individual car that stands out from the crowd, but which will continue to hold its value and sell well. Such as letting an internationally-renowned design house take care of the spec. This limited edition Gucci Fiat 500 is a fantastic statement, has been really tastefully specced (as you would expect) and those green and red stripes look fantastic.

Which brings us nicely to this car: the Fiat 500 Gucci. Tasteful upgrades, neat designer touches, and the peppy engine and fun handling that have made the new Fiat 500 such a popular car.

Fiat 500 Gucci – £6,590, Leather seats, bluetooth, £30 per year tax, 16inch alloys, loads of extras.

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