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The Future of Cars

With the continuous changes and advances in modern technology, our daily lives are becoming more efficient and filled with devices designed to make our lives easier. And that’s no exception for cars. Research and development is being continually carried out to improve our driving experience. Cars will become more efficient and be able to carry out tasks never seen before.

So what exactly does this mean for the future of our cars? Here’s 10 examples of what cars will be able to do in the future:

1) Connected Cars

It is estimated that by 2025 up to 90% of all new cars will be fully connected to cloud computing systems and will contain integrated telematics systems. They will most likely be available to buy with a SIM card already embedded inside, so they can be connected to mobile networks.

2) The Cloud

All data future drivers use will be stored remotely in the cloud. This means it will be accessible anywhere and can be transferred from car to car.

3) Apps

Cars will start to contain apps which we will be able to download straight from the dashboard. These are most likely to be voice activated apps offering useful information for drivers.

4) Data

The connected cars will share lots of data with services the driver has signed up to. When you listen to your favourite music stations in the car, the data will be stored in the cloud. So when you get into another car, you can instantly access all of your favourite music stations, playlists, sat nav locations etc.

5) Traffic

Connected cars will be able to give us more precise information on traffic, as all cars will be connected to a cloud computer server. The cars will be able to communicate with each other to let each other know where congestion is taking place.

6) Self Driving Cars

Google is currently undertaking a project involving developing technology to produce cars which can drive themselves. The cars will have a start/stop button but no steering wheel, pedals or controls.

7) Emergency Calls

In the future we will have ‘ecall’ – an automatic emergency service in case of an accident) – and ‘bcall’ – a breakdown service which will be automatically started by the breakdown of a car. A message will be sent to the breakdown service to tell it exactly where the car has failed. Cars will be constantly connected to a call centre.

8) Smart homes

Cars will be able to connect to smart homes, meaning that you’ll be able to heat up your car from inside your home before you leave – and vice versa – you’ll also be able to control devices in your home from your car.

9) Facial recognition technology

Cars will become so advanced that they will even be using facial recognition technology, a technology which can prove you are the owner/driver of the car by recognising your face. If someone else is trying to drive your car, your car will send you a picture of the person trying to do this, so you can confirm whether or not they are allowed to.

10) Smart car parking

Cars will become connected with smart car parks, to give drivers the most up to date information on parking spaces. The cars will be able to take you directly to a parking space in the postcode you have programmed into your sat nav.


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