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UK used car sales market offering unbeatable value

The UK used-car market is one of the most thriving of its kind in the world. We really are spoiled for choice and value – speak to people from other countries and they can never believe how little some of our very best used motors are bought for.

The strength of our used car sales market was sparked by the Government scrappage scheme in 2009. Of course, none of the cars that were traded in made it back out onto the roads, but the aim of the scheme was to bring more people into the habit of buying new cars and keeping them for short periods of time. More new cars on the road drives down prices in the used-car market.

Plus, in the UK we now have thriving Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and car lease markets which, again, is creating a lot of value amongst used cars.

We have a particularly fine example of this in stock at the moment. This incredibly desirable BMW X6 is three years old and comes with just 38,000 miles on the clock. If you were buying this model new, once you include the £7,000-worth of extras, you wouldn’t have got a great deal of change from £60,000.

Yet here we have it on sale today for less than half that amount. 

It comes with BMW’s outstanding three-litre diesel engine, which offers surprisingly good MPG for a car of this size, as well as all the real-world performance you could ever need. It comes with the xDrive 4×4 system, so it’ll be perfectly sure-footed in all weather conditions.

Plus, as you can see, it comes with a huge list of extras and a full service history that really help set it apart.


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