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Unbelievable BMW M3 for less than £10k

The UK second-hand car market is an incredible thing. The simple fact is, it shouldn’t be possible to buy a low mileage BMW M3 for less than £10k, but here we are.

In stock at webuycarsformore right now is a 2004 BMW M3 convertible. It comes with a hard top, in case you’re worried about the practicalities of running a car with a soft roof through the winter.

More importantly, it comes with everything you’d expect from a true M-performance car: an incredible 3.2 litre engine, that supercar-worrying performance, legendary BMW rear-wheel handling and a sub-6s 0-60 time. It even has usable back seats, and has only done around 75,500 miles, which is very little for its age. Furthermore, as a pre-March 2006 car, its annual VED (road tax) comes in at £295 – again, very cheap for the performance.

We LOVE this car and we want someone to have it, so they can enjoy it like we want to this summer. This is why we’ve reduced it by £1,000, now available for £9,999.

Frankly, it’s a ridiculous performance bargain and if you’re interested, you may need to move fast.

Full details here. If you fancy an upgrade (and believe us, this car represents an upgrade to most others) then call us to see what we can give you for your old car.

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