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Used cars on a £100pcm budget

We get to trade a lot of fantastic luxury/sports cars at WeBuyCarsForMore – it’s a great job and we love talking about some of the exotic dream cars we have for sale.

For example, check out this Aston Martin Rapide – it’s a stunning machine and there can’t be many better ways to move four people around. Of course, that comes at a price and, as you’d expect for a car wearing one of the world’s most desirable badges, it’ll set you back £70k…

If you’re hunting for cars at the other end of the budgetary scale – and, of course, this is the majority of motorists – then there is plenty on offer. The UK second hand car market is brilliant because there is so much value to be found: just because you’re buying on a budget, it doesn’t mean your choice is limited, or even that you need a boring or limited car.

We have looked at some of our stock and have picked out some of the vehicles that you can pick up for less than £100 per month, when you use our car finance service (subject to approval, all usual T&Cs apply – check out each vehicle for payment details/examples).

Check out some of our choices below: £100 per month can buy you an awful lot of car!

This Land Rover Freelander is a fantastic, rugged, go-anywhere family vehicle. If you live in or near the country, or just fancy visiting it occasionally, the Freelander will be just as at-home there as in the supermarket car-park. £2,990, finance from £88.20pcm subject to terms and approval.

This shape 3-series is possible one of its most popular and iconic. From the early 2000s, when BMW was really cementing its reputation as the maker of the best exec saloons on the road, this six-cylinder 325i comes in eyecatching blue with black alloys that complement the rest of the car nicely. It has 190hp which still feels quick today, and that legendary BMW handling. £2,800, finance from £82.60pcm subject to terms and approval.

When you think of convertibles, you might not think Volvo, but this 2.0 turbo C70 is laid back and very cool – and it knows it. Volvos have undergone a huge image overhaul recently, and everything that they have always been famous for – Swedish style, space and safety – is here in abundance. Unlike many cars of this class, there are four genuinely usable seats, and we think that brown leather completes the look nicely. £1,750, finance from £51.62pcm subject to terms and approval.

If you’re running a family on a budget, then you need a family budget car. This Ford C-Max is efficient, has tonnes of space and the sharp handling that we’ve come to expect from Fords. That 1.6tdci engine is built for efficiency but has more than enough torque to do the hard work when you’ve got a car-full, too. £3,500, finance from £81.38pcm subject to terms and approval.

Finally, something nice and nippy! This five-door Micra is fun, frugal and financially within reach! It comes with sat-nav and air-con, and is the recent facelift version, so is a modern car for relatively little money. £4,490, finance from £87.56pcm, subject to terms and approval.

This is just a small sample of the affordable cars we have in stock – check out our full showroom here, and enter your car’s details here for a full cash-price quote for your current car.

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